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Statement for the Public Workers’ Front Ali Osman Köse

Revolutionary Prisoner Ali Osman Köse With Cancer Should Be Released Immediately!

For Ali Osman Köse, Who Has His Left Kidney Removed, This Makes It Obligatory For He To Stay In Prison!

>Ali Osman Köse spent 27 years of his 38-year captivity in isolation. During his captivity

he was rendered unable to stay in prison due to the tortures and arbitrary usurpation of rights.

From neurological diseases to hypertension, when he was unable to walk in a 5-step cell, first covid-

after 19 He also got cancer.

The right to treatment was constantly denied and his ATK reports were changed under political pressures

his release was prevented every time. As a result of the support of People’s Law Office’s lawyers, comrades and the public, who did not remain silent about this situation, his surgery, which was the first step of the right to treatment, was performed despite AKP fascism. However, this situation does not make it possible for Ali Osman Köse to remain in prison after his cancerous left kidney is completely removed. On the contrary, considering all the health problems of Ali OsmanKöse

, complete removal of his cancerous left kidney necessitates his evacuation.

Once again, we repeat our call to the Ministry of Justice and the Forensic Medicine Institute;

Ali Osman Köse Should Be Released Immediately!

The Torture of Ali Osman Köse Must End !

Isolation and Extortion of Rights on Free Prisoners

Politics to Kill Them and This Crime Must Be Accounted for!

Public Workers Front

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