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The Struggle for Work Bread and Justice Continues for 531 Days

Turan Aktaş has been CHP for 531 daysProtest against being unjustly dismissed from his job in front of Şişli Municipality BuildingHe continues his resistance to return to work and return to work.

Initiated by Turan Aktaşthe struggle for bread and justice of not only himself but also the entire working class with the

Turan Aktaş Only himself569 Şişli Municipality workers and all employees who were transferred from the subcontractor to the staff, not forStone resists on behalf of 740 thousand workers who transferred from subcontractor to staff in Turkey.

Turan Aktaş’s resistance is as follows:with the words very clearly and openly to all the people and the enemies of the workers.announcing to its owners

“Our resistance made this decisionit will turn in favor of workers and build a foothold for 740,000 municipal workers. I I am determined,I’m going to take my job out, case decisionme doesn’t interest me, I’m legitimate,I’m right, worker I will get my job back from your enemies.“

The Struggle for Work Bread and Justice Continues for 531 Days

CHP on the 531st Day of the ResistanceSisli Municipality Building “Give up the CHP’s hostility towards workers, I want my job back” TuranA banner with the inscription Aktaş was hung.

We will win by resisting

With Turan Aktaş And Kod-29Return All Workers Dismissed To Their Job

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