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Walking Magazine 122nd Issue Is Out!

Country Economies Dependent on Imperialism,Its Political-Social-Cultural Structure, Everything from Sports to EducationIt’s Part and Its Determiner.
This is how imperialism has become an internal phenomenon! from DemirelFrom Ecevit to Erbakan to Özal, All Enemies of the Public with This Aid and ScholarshipHe has grown.
“The biggest response we have received from our military foreign aid investments isUS and overseas training centers and military schoolscome from selected soldiers and experts trained. These students themselvesby their countries to be trainers when they return to that country.are selected.
These are the future leaders of the country, who know how to do business and who do it as leadership.they are the ones who can teach the forces they teach… More specifically, LatinThe main purpose of aid to America is to police and otherbe able to provide the necessary domestic security together with the security forcesthe continuation of forces capable of performing quasi-military and military tasks.development.”
(Mc Namara, Former Secretary of Defense of the United States and Former World BankHead)
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Growing hopeLet’s read the walk, let’s read!
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WeeklyJournal / Issue: 122
June 92019
Price: 1 TL(including VAT)
* Newimperialism, which has become an internal phenomenon with colonialism, has also touched the field of raises its own staff!
*Imperialism and oligarchy will gain from the sale of F-35s, they will loseare the peoples! – Chapter 3
*We Want Justice
*The fear of the oligarchy is expressed in Süleyman Soylu’s speeches;a tool to intimidate judges, prosecutors and families by writing in indictments.transforming!
*A pen, a razor, and a dare has blown the minds of AKP fascism!We will win with our claim to power and our audacity!
*AKP-Mafia alliance wants drugs free!
*The AKP fascism, which uses 16 planes and 130 thousand official vehicles,He will pay for his debauchery!
*Those who have come to terms with imperialism and fascism, even the smallest democratic rightthey can’t defend! It was the same with Leyla Güven and during her last hunger strike
*Battle and Warrior: Our war is right!
*What we learned from our experiences: Our women who were beaten by their husbandsWe will also solve their problems in the People’s Assembly!
*Law against the lawlessness of fascism, against the injustice of orderWe defend justice! We will destroy the unjust order with our justice! Chapter 6
*Interview: In the last two years, İdil Cultural Center was raided by the police for the 9th timeprinted! Grup Yorum members Seher Adıgüzel and Betül Varan have experienced the torture.and describes the harassment
*Interview: Meral Hır: “Ayten who was tortured for 6 months at an internet concertI was imprisoned for 6.5 months for my speech about Öztürk”
*Group Comment; does not surrender to pressures, by all means and methods, the voice of hope to the peopleit delivers!
*Grup Yorum gave a concert both in Turkey and Germany in 1 week!
*Nuriye Gülmen from the Resistance Council, resisting from the Grup Yorum stagemade the call!
*Hiking in Europe
*What we lost
*Our teacher
*All the walls of the people are ours!
*Youth is our future, we will build the future with our own hands
*We demand justice for our murdered children! AKP murders Rabia Nazprotecting it!
*We demand our right to speak, decide, organize! We are in high school! In this fight wewe are here too!
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