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You Can’t Take Omer Akyel, Worker of the Resistance Council, by Torturing him

You will not be able to give up our slogan that we will organize people’s resistance against your fascism that you want to legalize!

We love our people and our country very much, we fight as a necessity of our love, and we will continue to do so!

As the Resistance Council, we have been making press releases every Thursday for four weeks as part of the We Want Justice campaign in Ankara Abdi İpekçi Park.

On Thursday, 8.07.2021, Ankara Resistance Assembly workers released a press release describing the psychological and physical tortures of Elif Ersoy, a worker of Walking Journal, that she was imprisoned with conspiracies just because she worked as a revolutionary journalist and was the editor-in-chief of a magazine that told the truth to the public, and that she was subjected to psychological and physical torture in Kayseri Bünyan Prison. While they were doing it, they were detained by dozens of police attacks.

The policemen attacked our Resistance Council worker Ömer Akyel with curses and kicks during his detention. When they were taken to the branch, they were kicked and strangled many times in the elevator while they were being tortured into the building. Because he exhibited these tortures with slogans, they banged his head on the glass door and made threats.

All of your attacks are the helplessness that our struggle for justice has created in you. It is the inability of you to always encounter popular resistance while you hope to legalize your fascism with your laws and circulars.

We, as the Resistance Council, will always fight for justice in the face of injustice created by you. We will continue to tell our people about the crimes you have committed against our country, to organize the people’s resistance, and to expand the ongoing resistance. We will stand by the children of the people and our parents whom you shot with the judicial weapon you hold in your hand.

Your tortures, threats, detentions and prisons are null and void for us.

Torture is a disgrace!

Legalizing We Will Organize People’s Resistance Against Fascism You Want!

Down with Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!

Resistances Assembly

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