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Yuksel Resistance 1677. Day Noon Statement

We continue to fight here for our work and our bread.

We are also talking about injustices here.

We are talking about AliOsman Köse, who has been imprisoned for a while.

Ali Osman Köse, who has been in isolation for 37 years, is not being treated by the government’s collaborators, by the ministry of justice, by the ministry of health.

As a result of this process, a kidney with a diameter of 12 cm in a normal person and a cystic area with a diameter of 9 cm or half with cancer formed in Ali Osman Köse.

Yuksel Resistance 1677. Day Noon Statement

Ali Osman Köse was operated on as a result of the embrace of his comrades and his people, but he was handcuffed to the bed in the hospital with the operation and was rushed to the prison within a few days.

Let Ali Osman Köse and All Sick Prisoners Be Treated Immediately

Freedom for Revolutionary Prisoners

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